Tube Cutting

The 3 divisions of WPS International are supported by an in-house cutting and fabrication team with state of the art sawing and deburring equipment. Each month, we cut over 100,000 pieces of tube and this enables us to supply the Automotive Industry with parts that are ready for their manipulation process.

We have in-line deburring for all tubes over 100mm long and for shorter pieces, we use a vibratory deburring process.

Packaging is a key requirement for all manufacturing companies these days, so we supply the appropriate packaging for each individual customer. Wherever possible, we endeavour to recycle all packaging materials.


Products are stored in our central warehouse facility with specialist racking for storing both tubular products and pallets. With state of the art handling facilities, we are able to maximise floor space.

Delivery Service

Supplying manufacturing industry requires an extremely high level of customer service. At WPS International, we believe in providing our customers with exemplary service from the moment they make an enquiry up to the point of delivery. After sales service is also critical because metals can behave in different ways depending on the end application so it is important that we are always on hand to help and advise.

Delivery service is a critical part of our marketing mix. Running a fleet of vehicles is an extremely costly business these days, so to enable us to offer an excellent delivery service to all areas of the UK, we have decided to partner with specialist distribution companies who can handle our goods. We can therefore offer next day delivery to all areas of the UK if required.